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Dr Mini has been practicing family dentistry in  Australia over a decade. She gained extensive clinical experience from both public and private settings. A passionate Dentist, she had the opportunity to look after oral health of several thousand Victorians. She has provided great quality care to  people of varied backgrounds and age groups, giving her invaluable clinical and patient interactions experience. Dr Mini strongly believes in life long learning, hence undertakes regular training and participates in Industry conferences to look for opportunities to bring you new methods of treatment that are safe and result oriented. At Dentist On Warrigal, she has been instrumental in bringing latest technologies that aid better treatment options and have introduced new set of services, that provide most Dental related procedures under one roof.  As Oral health plays a vital role in over all well being, she always makes sure, that enough time is provided to patients to discuss current issues and historical one’s before deciding any treatment options. Please do come in to have a conversation with Dr Mini as she will be able to answer your concerns and provide you optimum treatment options.

Dr Ara

Dr Aradhana  has been practicing Dentistry for last 11 years in Melbourne. She is also known to his friends and patients as Dr Ara. She practices conservative dentistry and look for every opportunity to save a natural tooth so long as the patient can have useful life with it. Dr Ara is very popular among her patient base for his calm approach to difficult situations and puts her patients at ease very easily. Dr Ara likes to travel and often involves in charitable activities providing free Dental care in countries like Nepal. Dr Ara has great interest in prosthodontics ( Crowns and Bridges).

Dr Badrish Krishna popularly known as Dr Krishna approaches Dentistry from a Holistic well being point of view. Over the years having practiced and perfected general dentistry procedures and provide alignment to crooked teeth to the way teeth should be, He has taken a deeper interest in terms of how oral health has an impact of one’s quality of life. He has taken a special interest in sleep disorders  resulting from TMJ issues.He has provided life changing treatments for several patients whose quality of life has improved considerably, in Melbourne. Dr Krishna has a unique skill in communicating with patients without much usage of Dental terminologies and find remedies in tandem with patient behaviors.

Dr Badrish is available for consultation on Saturdays and other week days, by appointment.

Dr Katherine has been working as a General Dentist in Melbourne since 2014. She enjoys working with  kid’s dental issues and has lots of patience. She is equally good with all  patient age groups. She  is also thorough in her approach and puts in a lot of effort in communicating and educating her patients about Oral health and its linkage to over all health.Dr katherine attends regular training to keep up with clinical advancements in preventive dentistry. Dr Katherine spends time in charitable activities during weekends. Dr Katherine is available to see patients late evenings on Thursdays.

Dr Mariana Habil has a lifelong passion for dentistry.Having graduated from the faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University in 2005, she practiced dentistry ever since and further expanded her clinicals with a Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Dentistry.With on going commitment to optimum patient care, Mariana loves to see her patients leave the practice with a big smile. She prides herself with her gentle, easy-going, professional manner and attention to detail with current interests in Implant Dentistry, Clear Aligner therapy and Orthodontics as part of her drive to excellence.Outside work, Mariana enjoys spending valuable time with her family and 2 gorgeous daughters who love to swim and partake in various outdoor activities.
Dr Mariana is available for consultation on Fridays and other week days, by appointment.

Dr Poli after graduating from the University of Queensland and working as a general dentist in North Queensland, After graduation at the University of Queensland and general practice in Tasmania and North Queensland, Dr Poli is originally from Melbourne and is now staying to build a great base of loyal patients.Dr Poli has attended number of trainings in implantology and has worked with various implant systems and comes with deep experience in implant placement based on have performed procedures several hundred times in Australia.Poli is regularly attending conferences and courses in Europe in the field of Guided Bone Regeneration and Soft Tissue Surgery.Dr Poli is leading the Dental Implant Clinic at Art De Dente his impressive clinical skills. 

Dr Poli is member of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO)