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Dr Mini has been practicing family dentistry in  Australia over a decade. She has been practicing dentistry in both public and private settings, that has allowed her to treat and look after oral health of several thousand Victorians. She has looked after people of varied backgrounds and age groups, giving her invaluable clinical experience.As part of being current, Dr Mini undertakes regular training and also participates in Industry conferences to look for opportunities to bring you new methods of treatment that are safe and result oriented. At Dentist On Warrigal, she has been instrumental in bringing latest technologies that aid better treatment options and have introduced new set of services, that provide most Dental related procedures under one roof. Dr Mini believes in holistic approach to Dentistry, that has significant relationship to well being of every individual. As Oral health plays a vital role in over all well being, she always makes sure, that enough time is provided to patients to discuss current issues and  historical one’s before deciding any treatment options. Please do come in to have a conversation with Dr Mini as she will be able to answer your concerns and provide you optimum treatment options.

Dr Katherine has been working as a General Dentist in Melbourne since 2014. She enjoys working on kids  dental issues and has lots of patience. She is equally good with all the other patient age groups. She  is also thorough in her approach and puts in a lot of effort in communicating and educating her patients about Oral health and its linkage to over all health.

Dr Gulshan Singh has been practicing Dentistry for last 11 years in Melbourne. He is also known to his friends and patients as Gary. He has been trained in implants and has performed number of implant procedures. He also loves to take up complex wisdom tooth extractions and difficult crown procedures. He practices conservative dentistry and look for every opportunity to save a natural tooth so long as the patient can have useful life with it. Dr Gary is very popular among his patient base for his calm approach to difficult situations and puts his patients at ease very easily.